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ALAN NGUYEN is an international-award-winning writer, director and producer. He has written scripts for Matchbox, NBC, Melbourne Theatre Company and December Media. He is a Lecturer in Media at RMIT University.


JEREMY NGUYEN writes for screen (SBS, NBC, Seven, Matchbox, December), stage (MTC, Malthouse), radio (ABC) and print (Black Ink, Australian Financial Review). He publishes widely on topics such as psychology and human behaviour.


SARAH-JANE WOULAHAN is a writer, director and producer whose work spans fiction, documentary, and art. Her work has screened on ABC, SBS and festivals internationally including SxSW.  Sarah-Jane is conducting her PhD research in new storytelling technologies.


Why were automated Twitter bots spreading misleading information about the Australian bushfires? Will someone’s attention span measurably improve after 7 days of social media abstinence? What are the limits of trickery with deep fake technology on social media?

YOUR BRAIN ON MEDIA explores the impacts of social media on our psychological, social and political lives – using the most powerful tools of social media: click-bait titles, participatory challenges, colourful animated explainers, quizzes and interviews with experts who cry as they eat spicy food.


Young adults and older teens are some of the most engaged and affected by social media. This series will speak directly to these audiences, educating and informing, while being surprising, entertaining and funny. It will amuse as it explores serious issues - empowering audiences with critical awareness around social media consumption and participation.

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